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Nurse Volunteers Are Needed

to be a part of CHIPS' Health Care Beyond Walls Program.  Registered Nurses are urgently needed to provide health screenings at St. Louis Libraries, Food Pantries and other Community Sites.  If you have a few hours a month available to serve, please call 314-652-9231 ext. 17 or email









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CHIPS In Motion

CHIPS In Motion (CIM) is the artistic component of the Health Education Program at CHIPS. Established in 2000 it uses the arts as a catalyst for empowering community members with alternative means to effectively deal with life’s challenges. CHIPS In Motions’ mission is to use the arts to educate children and adults on mental, physical health and wellness issues. CIM is responsible for the CLUB CHIPS and other arts in healthcare programs.

The objective of CHIPS In Motion is to make use of various art genres i.e. drama, dance, creative writing, visual art, and music to instill an increased awareness of physical, emotional, and spiritual health and wellness. Residencies, touring show performances, and workshops are some of the tools CIM employs to impart health information on topics such as nutrition, hygiene, diabetes, exercise, substances abuse, peer pressure, self-esteem, conflict resolution and HIV/AIDS.

Healthcare and lay professionals from health agencies, social services agencies, teen health/social service agencies  and art educators. Art Educators are then engaged to design and conduct residency programs on site at schools and community organizations based on the specific health topics.

Prehistoric as medicine, the arts have been part of the healing process since our tribal roots. Research has shown that arts can be an important ally in health care. CHIPS In Motion has discovered that it allows people to express themselves and share their health and wellness issues through music, dance, drama, creative writing and the visual arts. Through its programming CHIPS In Motion encourages its participants and the audiences to open their hearts and minds, create dialogue, and spark creativity in how to use resources to improve their health and quality of life.

CHIPS In Motion Programs include the Diabetic Support Group and CLUB CHIPS.

Comments from some participants in the Health Education Program include:
"It very important to let people know how and why HIV/AIDS affects us so, whether we sing it, act it, or dance it; someway we try to get our message across. Moreover, I have to say that this approach seems to be very effective.  Younger people tend to listen to their peers more because of the fact that we are not lecturing them but presenting the information in a way where they can receive it and enjoy it." -- J.B.

"The Diabetic Support Group gives me input toward taking very good care of my body, medications, and the privilege of hearing how my other group members are coping with incurable diabetes." -- J.H.

"It’s always nice to see that the community cares about their health enough to help one another.  I appreciate how the doctors and nurses take their time out to help us understand the diabetes lifestyle a little better." -- D.T.

"Most youth don't like their parents nagging them about sex, STDs, or even HIV/AIDS. Some kids get bullied and don't know how to talk to anyone about it. So using the arts to get the message out in a theatrical presentation helps us get a better understanding of what we should do and how to handle a situation." -- M.H.

"A creative presentation brings it home that this illness kills people but I can fight it, I can make it, I can win! We are not alone." -- J.F.

"Creative health presentations teach more adults to get involved and fight for their own health care and be more cautious when engaging in risky behavior." -- F.W.

"CHIPS In Motion go to schools, churches, community centers and elder care centers to perform. In other words, they provide easily accessible, creative means for talking about important social, civic, and wellness concerns." -- R.W.

"It is so great the way the professional actors interact with the children and the quality of which the message of health, nutrition, self-esteem, wellness and bullying comes across." -- M.D.S.

"Never have I seen 12-13 year old students, with the help of arts educators and health specialist, translate health information into rap, poetry, creative writing, journaling, dance, drama, including their own writing and production of a three-act play. Their enthusiasm for creatively applying health education content to address or help resolve the health issues they face was what I would call a marketer's dream come true. I only wish health care marketers saw the performance I witnessed." -- M.A.L.

"As an educator in the St. Louis Public Schools, I have seen the positive impact CHIPS In Motion residency program has had on children. The artist took ordinary content, such as the food pyramid, and creatively taught it in such a manner that the children embraced the information. At Carver Elementary Community Education Center, kindergarten students moved to the tunes of a drum as they danced their way to 'healthy bodies.' New and exciting facts were learned through hands-on, active learning sequences." -- D.L.



CHIPS Health and Wellness Center, Diabetic Support Group Meeting Rooms and the

CLUB CHIPS training center are wheel chair accessible. 

Accommodations for persons with visual or hearing disabilities can be made upon request.

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