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A Receptionist is available to make appointments by phone Tuesday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  (Call 314-652-9231 ext. 10). After hours and on weekends and holidays you can request an appointment by clicking this link: Appointment Request  Form

Nurse Volunteers Are Needed

to be a part of CHIPS' Health Care Beyond Walls Program.  Registered Nurses are urgently needed to provide health screenings at St. Louis Libraries, Food Pantries and other Community Sites.  If you have a few hours a month available to serve, please call 314-652-9231 ext. 17 or email









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is seeking high school students to teach other teens about health issues by performing in plays and leading workshops!

For more information on how to join the CLUB CHIPS program call 314-652-9231 ext. 21 Tuesday through Friday. To request an audition send resume of school and acting experience and photo to   This is a paid position, after school and summer hours.   CLUB CHIPS APPLICATION







CHIPS is committed to the complex needs of young people, particularly minorities and those disadvantaged by poverty, to achieve their full potential as individuals and to pursue healthy and productive lives.   CLUB CHIPS - Community Youth Leaders United for Better Health is a year around youth leadership development and performing arts program that trains high school students to use artistic expression to promote awareness of health and wellness issues, increase health literacy and promote healthy lifestyles.  CLUB CHIPS uses outlets such as journal writing, drawing/fabric painting, movement and improvisation as a basis for a deeper exploration of and consequences of issues that confront young people today.

Teens express themselves through theatre and these programs are inventive and effective ways to talk about difficult subjects.

Children and teens in CHIPS’ primary service area are at greater risk than young people living elsewhere in St. Louis and the State of Missouri and they face challenges that are unique to these urban neighborhoods.  Violent crimes occur more often in zip code 63106, where CHIPS is located, and in the surrounding zip codes 63107 and 63113, than elsewhere in the city.   These three zip codes also have the highest rates of STD infections and teen pregnancy in the metropolitan area.  40.9% of the adults in this area did not complete high school or get a GED.  Consequently, the area has high rates of poverty and unemployment.

The CLUB CHIPS after school and summer program trains 10 to 15 Peer Health Educators a year who present their original creative health education plays, vignettes and workshops to audiences of several hundred children and adults per year.  CLUB CHIPS programs have been presented to over 13,000 inidivduals since its inception in 2001. 


The CLUB CHIPS model of using creative writing, movement, visual art, music and theatre to increase awareness of health and wellness issues among school children and adults is a very successful method for increasing health literacy and promoting healthy lifestyles, while developing an appreciation for the performance arts. 


Researchers have found that the arts teach young people responsibility, teamwork, discipline, communication skills and helps them realize their full potential as productive citizens. In addition, peer education is an effective method of communicating valuable and sensitive health information to young people. 


Talented, energetic youth between ages 14 and 18 audition to become part of the CLUB CHIPS program.  The teens receive a stipend and for many, it is their first employment experience and an opportunity to help their families financially.




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CHIPS Health and Wellness Center, Diabetic Support Group Meeting Rooms and the

CLUB CHIPS training center are wheel chair accessible. 

Accommodations for persons with visual or hearing disabilities can be made upon request.

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